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Water Cooled After Coolers

Water Cooled Heat Exchangers for Compressed Gas and Air



Compressing air or other gasses generates heat during the compression cycle and traps water. Excess heat can be removed removed very efficiently by using a water cooled aftercooler and a moisture separator.

The processs is done by cooling compressed air to at or below the dew point, at which vapor will condense. Removal of this contaminant water improves the overall efficiency and protects delicate downstream equipment from the harmful effects if not removed.

Water cooled aftercoolers are sized based upon the air flow rate and the inlet temperature being discharged from the compressor. Generally, it is cost effective to oversize the aftercooler and increase the effectiveness of the cooling and water removal capabilities.


  Cooling Compressed Air
  Drying Compressed Air
  Food and Beverage Plants
  Dry Cleaning
  Agriculture and Farming
  Wood Products
  Spray Finishing Equipmemt
  Air Operated Lifiting Equipment
  Printing and Pressing
Aftercooler Selection

Selection Information:

  Sized to Match Air Flows from
40 to 3170 SCFM
  Standard or Optional Materials
  Ideal for Rotary Screw and Piston
(2-Stage) Compressors
Water Cooled Aftercoolers

Standard Units:

  Water to Air Cooler
  Cool Compressed Air or other Gases
  Rated up to 250 PSI and 350F
  Short lead times, 3-5 working days

Custom Aftercoolers:

  Water cooled aftercoolers to meet specific requirements and conditions
  Ultra Low Pressure Drop options
  Special Materials available

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Water Cooled Aftercooler
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