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Rotary Screw Aftercoolers:

for Compressed Air Cooling

Overview: Shell and Tube Aftercoolers Provide the Best Overall Value and Longetivity. Models for Capacities From 75 to 1500 SCFM. Pipeline Aftercoolers Coupled with a Moisture Seperator Provide a Cost Effective Means of Removing Harmful Moisture and Oil from your Compressed Air Stream. This Allows for Trouble-Free Operation of Downstream Equipment and Air Powered Tools.   Water Cooled Aftercooler
  Shell and Tube Standard and Optional Features:
  Strong Steel Conctruction
  Priced Competetively
  Removable Bonnets for Servicing
  Short Lead Times
  Available in CuNi or Stainless Steel Tubes, Cast Iron, Bronze, or S/S Bonnets.
  After Cooler Ratings:
  Maximum Operating Temperature: 300 F
  Maximum Operating Pressure Tube Side: 150 PSI
  Maximum Operating Pressure Shell Side: 300 PSI


  Overall Length Shell Diameter Air Connection Size Model
  17.18 3.25 1.00 C-614-3-4-F
  17.88 4.25 1.50 C-814-4-4-F
  29.09 5.25 1.50 C-1024-5-6-F
  30.00 6.25 2.00 C-1224-6-6-F
  31.47 8.62 3.00 C-1724-8.4-6-F
  43.47 8.62 3.00 C-1736-8.4-6-F


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Water Cooled Aftercooler
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