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Water Cooled Aftercoolers:

Compressed Air or Gas Cooling with Water


Shell and Tube type aftercoolers use water to cool to compressed gases or air. These rugged coolers offer the widest variety of models to match your air flow capacities.

Cooling the air allows up to 75% of the present water vapor to condense and be removed. This prepares the air for further drying and/or filtration.

Removing water from compressed gases reduces maintenance costs, increases system operations, and improves overall product quality.

Compressor Manufacturers:

  Campbell Hausfeld
  Chicago Pneumatic
  Gardner Denver

Selection Information:

  Standard or Optional Materials of Construction
  Increased Efficiencies in Compressed Gas or Air Systems
  Reduced Moisture Level in Gas Stream
  Downstream Equipment Protection from Excessive Heat Removal

Standard Units:

  Brass End Hubs, Shell, and Baffles
  Copper Tubes
  Cast Iron End Bonnets
  Steel Optional Mounting Brackets
  Nitrile Rubber Gaskets

Custom Units:

  316 Stainless Steel Aftercoolers
  Sea Water or Corrosive Fluids Compatible
  Air Flow Capacities from 75 SCFM to 1500 SCFM

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Water Cooled Aftercooler
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