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Watercooled Aftercooler: How To Select

Compressed Air Cooling


Selecting a watercooled aftercooler is fairly simply. You need to know the air flow rate, temperature and pressure. With these items you should be able to identify which cooler will work best for your application. If your not sure, or you have questions about this, call us: 1-888-226-8522, we'd be happy to help you.

  Step 1:
  Determine if your compressor is a Two Stage or a Rotary Screw:
  If you have a 2-Stage your compressor outlet temp is likely around 250F, and for Rotary Screw compressors figure about 200F. If you don't know, most newer comperessors are Rotary, whereas older ones tend to be 2-Stage (or Recip) style.

Alternatively, if you know your compressed air outlet temperature, (this is the hot compressed air you are looking to cool), this is ultimately what we're looking to know.
  Step 2:
  Measure your pressure:

In order to size your compressed air aftercooler using these steps, your pressure should be 70 PSI or higher, for applicaitons with less than 70 PSI you will need to call for sizing, as pressure drop begins to present an issue; no worry here, it usually just means a slightly larger aftercooler to accomodate the lower pressure.

  Step 3:
  Know your flow rate (SCFM):

Compressors are usually rated by SCFM / CFM, you need to know your maxumum flow rate in order to select the right size aftercooler.

Usually flow rate is known, if not, take compressor HP x 4.5 = SCFM

  Step 4:
  Select the Aftercooler:

Using the information you gathered in step 1, 2 and 3, pick a column based on the type of compressor you are using and/or the inlet air temperature. Then work down the rows until you find the SCFM that is at or above the SCFM capacity of your compressor.

Model: 2-Stage Compressor
250F Air Inlet
Rotary Screw Compressor
200F Air Inlet
AB-403 40 60 Shell and Tube
AB-404 80 110 Shell and Tube
AB-405 150 205 Shell and Tube
AB-705 310 440 Shell and Tube
AB-1006 440 655 Shell and Tube
AB-1206 640 955 Shell and Tube
AB-1207 1250 1690 Shell and Tube
AB-1606 1600 2280 Shell and Tube
AB-1607 2100 3080 Shell and Tube
AB-1608 2800 3170 Shell and Tube

(Example: If you have a Rotary Screw compressor operating at 100PSI and 500 SCFM, you would look in the 2nd column under "Rotary Screw Compressor", and go down the rows until you see a number larger than 500, in this case you would settle on 655 SCFM, and then go all the way to the left to select the AB-1006.)

*Note: The performance of these aftercoolers are based on cooling compressed air to within 15F of the inlet water temperature. Water flow rate should be set at 2 GPM per 100 SCFM.

**SCFM Measured at 60F, 14.7 PSI, 50% RH

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